Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

AmiShield is the Biochemistry, Electrolyte and Immunoassay tests all-in-one veterinary chemistry analyzer. In the meantime, AmiShield supports over 50 species, such as companion animals, exotic animal, avian, reptile and horse. Due to the multifunction and high cost performance index, AmiShield is the smart choice for veterinarians.


Ilustraion of medical grade spectrometer

Medical grade spectrometer

Higher sensitivity

Illustration of processor upgrade

Processor upgrade

Better precision and accuracy

Illustration of touch panel

Touch panel

Friendly UI / UX

Illustration of fast analyzing time

Fast analyzing time

ONLY 12-15 min

Illustration of supporting over 50 species

Support over 50 species

Including companion animals, exotic animals, avian, reptiles and horses

Illustration of all-in-one analyzer

All-in-one analyzer

Including Biochemistry, Electrolyte, Immunoassay tests

Illustration of micro sample volume

Micro sample volume

ONLY 60/140 ul

Illustration of simple Operation

Simple Operation

ONLY 3 steps


Step1 is to put the reagent rotor/disc on analyzer


Put the reagent rotor/disc on analyzer

Step2 is to inject 60/140 μl sample


Inject 60/140 μl sample

Step3 is to wait for 12-15 minutes to get the results


Results in 12-15 mins



Species 50 Species, scalability for new species added.

Mammal : Canine, Puppy-Canine, Feline, Kitten-Feline, Rabbit, Guineapig, Hedgehog, Sugarglider, Hamster, Chinchilla, Ferret, Groundhog, Mouse, Rat, Equine, Yearling-Equine, Foal-Equine, Brood Mare-Equine, Alpaca

Avian : African Grey Parrot, Amazon Parrot, Cockatoo, Macaw, Macaw (Juvenile), Eclectic Parrot, Quaker Parakeet, Caique, Conure, Cockatiel, Budgerigar, Lorikeet, Lovebirds, Pigeon, Mynah, Falcon, Harris Hawk, Red-tailed Buzzard, Owl

Reptile : Tortoise, Box Turtle, Freshwater Turtle, Sea Turtle, Iguana, Pogona, Gecko, Monitor Lizard, Chameleon, Python, Boa Constrictor, Corn Snake
Units S.I. units, Common units
Sample type Whole blood, Plasma, Serum, Urine
Sample size 0.06 mL (60 μL), 0.14 mL (140 μL)
Reagent disc Preservation 2 – 8 ℃
Analyzing time 12 – 15 minutes
Ambient temperature 15 – 30 ℃
Interface USB 2.0, RS232, Ethernet
Power supply 110 – 220 Volts AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions (L) 340mm x (W) 240mm x (H) 240mm
Measuring Principle Absorbance, Spectroscopy
Testing Method Patented microfluidic reagent disc
Assay Principle Biochemistry & Immunoassay
Light Source Halogen lamp
Detector Full-wave Spectrophotometer
Wavelength 340nm – 800nm
Reagent Rotor up to 16 tests per rotor
Reagent Disc up to 4 tests per disc


  1. Q01. What types of samples can be used with the Amishield?
  2. Ans: Most chemistry panels can work with whole blood, plasma and serum ; however, electrolytes and immunoassays can only work with plasma / serum. For details, please see the package insert.
  4. Q02. How to check AmiShield's quality?
  5. Ans: We or your local distributor can provide independent quality controls to ensure a precise and accurate result with every run to customers' satisfaction.
  7. Q03. How many species can Amishield be analyzed?
  8. Ans: 50 species, including companion animals, exotic animal, avian, reptile and horse. More species will be expanded to AmiShield over time.
  10. Q04. How to maintain the AmiShield?
  11. Ans: For veterianians, clean the chamber regularly and keep an eye on the light conditions. For details, please refer to the operation manual.
  13. Q05. Can I connect the Amishield to my Veterinary Practice Management Software?
  14. Ans: Yes, AmiShield can be connected to various local Practice Management software. For more details, contact your local system integrator and the technical support from ProtectLife. 
  16. Q06. Is there any risk that Amishield analyzing in non-ambient temperature?
  17. Ans: Yes, error message or abnormal result due to inappropriate ambient temperature will appear. The suggested ambient temperature is 15-30℃.
  19. Q07. Do the sample condition interfere with result AmiShield analyzed?
  20. Ans: Yes, hemolysis, lipemia and icterus are common interference, and the level of interference will appear with the test result.
  22. Q08. What happen I click the wrong species on UI and AmiShield is analyzing?
  23. Ans: AmiShield is still normally analyzing and the results are unaffected. Just the reference range can be incorrect.
  25. Q09. What happen I click the wrong disc type on UI and AmiShield is analyzing?
  26. Ans: If users wish to analyze "rotor" but click 'disc', the results are unaffected ; however, if users wish to analyze "mutiple discs" but only click "rotor", only the result of the 1st disc will be available.
  28. Q10. What happen I click the wrong sample type on UI and AmiShield is analyzing?
  29. Ans: If users inject whole blood while clicking "Serum/Plasma", error code (E07) will appear ; if users inject serum/plasma while clicking "Whole Blood", the result is unaffected.
  31. Q11. How do I click the sample type on UI when whole blood and plasma are available at the same time to analyze the reagent disc?
  32. Ans: As long as whole blood sample is present, click "Whole Blood" only as the sample type.
Veterinary Reagent Rotor/Disc

Veterinary Reagent Rotor/Disc

◆ 19 General Reagent Rotors/Discs

◆ MICRO blood sample of 60/140 μl only

◆ Including Biochemistry, Electrolyte and Immunoassay tests